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Aluminum Sunrooms

Aluminum sunrooms are commonly built with structural aluminum because aluminum is strong, lightweight and provides the support necessary for the room without obstructing the view through the glass. An aluminum and glass sunroom creates less mess and takes less time to build than other sunroom additions. They can actually be completed within a week.

Aluminum is slightly more expensive than Vinyl or PVC, but more reasonably than wood. It’s very durable, available in many colors, creates a sleek contemporary appeal, and requires minimal maintenance. However, aluminum isn’t the best insulator. To help with the insulation factors, aluminum extrusions can be thermally broken.

Aluminum Sunrooms Benefits

  • Aluminum sunrooms provide years of reliable use and operation.
  • Aluminum is a very strong conductor of heat, however it is also a poor insulator.
  • Aluminum sunrooms are the strongest and most durable of all sunroom construction materials.
  • Extremely resistant to deterioration.
  • Available in a wide array of colors to match your home.
  • Aluminum can be painted unlike Vinyl (PVC) sunrooms.

Aluminum Sunrooms Manufacturers

Aluminum sunrooms are manufactured by many sunroom companies. Below we have listed the most popular makers of aluminum sunrooms and some details about their lines of aluminum sunrooms.

  • Joyce Manufacturing Company - Offers the Oasis line of sunrooms available in aluminum construction.
  • Gorell Grand Additions - Manufactures the U.S. Series of aluminum sunrooms.
  • Patio Enclosures, Inc. - Makes two lines of aluminum sunrooms, AllView Elite Line, and ComfortView Line.

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Vinyl Sunrooms

Vinyl Sunrooms
Vinyl (PVC) sunrooms are by far the best selling sunrooms today. Vinyl is a highly insulated material that is virtually maintenance free and available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. It is enjoyed by many because it can be manufactured in all the most popular designs including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and Lean-To. It is a versatile and reliable product that performs well in both the extremes of cold and heat.

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Sunroom Designs

Sunroom Designs
Sunrooms are beautiful additions in a house that offer a quiet place to retreat and enjoy the natural sunlight and the brilliance of your green garden. But what many people want to know is how to decorate the sunroom itself. Of course everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to decorating, but there are special ways to enhance this unique room. Color Scheme: Using light colors in your sunroom is beneficial in several ways.

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Sunroom Styles

Sunroom Styles
There are several different styles of sunrooms to choose from. Of course the design of the sunroom plays a role in this, but there are also other important factors. In fact, there are three main factors that will determine the type of sunroom you build. The factors include 1.) The amount of glass you want in your sunroom, 2.) How many seasons you plan to use the room for, and 3.) Whether or not you want to create new space or alter an existing space.

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